Limited Liability company "Langan" is a total cycle manufacturer - from planting till advanced  porcessing of wood. The company has 75 000 ha of wood in a long lease, the resource potenial counts 8 000 000 cubic meters of wood.
The resource potential is situated on the border between Latvia & Belarus, having wide exchange market of sale of timber & its derivatives (chipped wood, cuttings, fuel pellet etc.). This territory has good developed transport infrastructure - Moscow - Baltia, St. Petersburg - Kyiv, Opochka - Polotsk, arterial Moscow - Baltia railway, including Sebezj station, the company has rail lines with build-up platforms on it. The system of forestry roads enables havresting all year round.
The company administers a full ecological & fireproof monitoring, protection of wood & of adjacent areas.
Nowadays, LLC "Langan" is a member of Lumberers Assoociation.